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Local Services本地服务

Sharelogis has started the service center in Chaoyang, Liaoning Province, and gradually transferred its overall operation to here. At the same time, several centers have been formed to provide services for customers           

1. On call service            

2. Paperless business outsourcing, all your orders are executed, you can hire our people, do all the work online without going to your company           

3. Marketing operation outsourcing, we have cheap people to deal with all kinds of foreign trade marketing needs


1. 驻厂服务,随叫随到

2. 无纸化商务外包,您所有的订单执行,可以雇佣我们的人,不用到贵司上班,在线完成所有工作

3. 市场营销运营外包,我们有廉价的人可以处理所有外贸营销的各种需求

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