We all hope that the covid-19 vaccine will be available soon, but the global cold chain must be ready to distribute these vaccines around the world. China has become a global vaccine research and development and production base.            

This is an unprecedented task with a large number of hubs in a vast geographical area. Vaccines may have to be transported from production facilities to storage and distribution centers, and then to medical facilities for local management or refrigeration.            

Determine the temperature requirements for a potential covid-19 vaccine.           

At present, the scientific community has not reached a consensus on the potential vulnerability or stability of covid-19 vaccine. However, efforts are being made around the world to develop vaccines.            

This encourages researchers to explore new technologies that have never been previously approved for use in vaccines, including RNA coding of coronavirus proteins.




物流合作伙伴必须能够制定全面的应急措施,确保在任何特定地点和时间通过快速补充冷却剂来保护冷链。  迅速将疫苗运送到经过认证的温控储存设施,以管理任何运输延误。        

估计疫苗数量、材料尺寸、海关要求和旅途中所有地点的外部温度是一个详尽的过程。这不仅需要对物流有全面的了解,还需要疫苗稳定性方面的专业知识。 利用专业的后勤支持管理未知事物,虽然在许多问题得到回答之前无法设计出最佳解决方案,但保证任何潜在疫苗在其旅程中的每一点都保持在其基本温度范围内是至关重要的。              



This means that key information, such as the temperature tolerance range of potential vaccines, remains largely unknown. From the available data, some potential vaccines may require a temperature range of + 2 to + 8. C, while others may require a temperature range of - 80. C.            

As the World Health Organization and the International Air Transport Association point out that the vaccine waste caused by improper temperature control is about 25% per year, the logistics failure of covid-19 cold chain may be costly.            Logistics partners must be able to develop comprehensive emergency measures to ensure that the cold chain is protected by rapid coolant replenishment at any given location and time. Quickly deliver vaccines to certified temperature controlled storage facilities to manage any transport delays.            

Estimating vaccine quantities, material sizes, customs requirements and external temperatures at all locations during the trip is a detailed process. This requires not only a comprehensive understanding of logistics, but also expertise in vaccine stability. Using professional logistics support to manage the unknown, although it is impossible to design the best solution until many questions are answered, it is essential to ensure that any potential vaccine stays within its basic temperature range at every point in its journey.            

At present, the supply chain is facing great pressure in response to the impact of covid-19. To find a stable, quality assurance compliant, safe and globally distributed covid-19 vaccine requires the global collaboration of manufacturing, medical, logistics and regulatory experts.

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